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Hugh Thompson

Mediation is often a good step to resolve a dispute before it gets to legal action and recrimination.

Hugh Thompson is a Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and a Nationally Accredited Mediator. Mediation can be applied to families, property disputes, workplace disputes or community disputes.

  • When considering counselling, you might have a certain outcome in mind. Maybe you basically want a change in your life. Once you understand the process of counselling, Hugh will listen to what changes and outcomes you want.
  • Using an appropriate technique for the situation, Hugh will then assist you to understand things from a new perspective. He may get you to enact what you would do, or express how you feel in a different way.
  • With couples, organisations or groups who are in conflict, Hugh will draw on 30 years’ experience in dispute resolution in varied settings, to give each party the tools and viewpoints to resolve that conflict.
  • Whatever issue you come to Hugh Thompson Consultancy for, the highest standard of ethics will be applied. Our resolve is to help you, and we will refer you to an appropriate professional if we cannot help you ourselves.
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Hugh Thompson Consulting offers many kinds of counselling or mediation services to suit the client’s need. You can read more about our background and approach in Hugh’s Profile page, or click to the appropriate service area.

We offer prompt service, flexible hours and reasonable fees. f you would like better working relationships and employee morale, Then please call Hugh Thompson on 0409 629 551 for a confidential discussion of your needs.

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